Monday, 2 April 2012

The Pyjama Trend - Do You Dare To Wear? ? ?

Another year, another fad trend, no doubt the pyjama trend is not going to be as long standing as say, skinny jeans, black nail polish or the dreaded 'jegging' (no matter how hard i try people still want to wear them!) 
What? you say, yes, thats right ladies, finally a trend i can sink my pyjama loving feet into! I, myself an a big fan of pyjamas, nothing beats that excitement of waiting to go to bed with a new pair of jim-jams! and just to clarify, i am twenty one, and yes i have an undisclosed love for bed wear, the cosy kind. 
You want proof of this? Well seeing as you asked so nicely...

Exhibit A- Jonathan Saunders, and by far the most wearable of the pyjama trend. baggy shirt, i can dig that, loose fitting, silk (possibly, i am guessing) trouser, so long as the underwear isn't showing through i can handle it. The black definitely detracts from the fact this is the pyjama trend, makes the whole outfit much more wearable and stylish. so far so good.

Exhibit B- Richard Nicoll, I purely chose this shot because the print on here is beyond fabulous! and print is something that the pyjama trend will let us play around with, HURRAR! something with a bit more texture for summer 2012!! i'm starting to get excited about this now...

But wait! what is a trend without an all star cast of followers? nout, that's what. and by golly, who has gone and done it.. only Rihanna! and i must say, this has possibly sold it to me. if i was say size 6 and 5ft11in. so maybe not this year, but apparently girls dont stop growing until they are 22 so if i sprout up in the next 11 months this may well be an option for me.

Alas, the pyjama trend isn't so bad when you think about the horrific mess most trends leave in their wake, tone upon tone of unwanted wooden clogs (don't throw them out just yet, i think there is another season left in them!) pile and piles of flit and flare jeans, yes they are flattering, but all i can think of when i see a pair is ashton kutcher in That 70's Show, which i guess is not something i should complain about. my single mind knows no limits i guess.

My suggestion for the trend, for those of you who dare to wear, team it with the old fail safe of "if its tight on top, make it loose on bottom, if its tight on bottom make it loose on top" therefore balancing out the slightly wacky trend. Team pyjama style bottoms with a fitted blazer and spaghetti strap (slightly loose) top that falls at the waist line of the trousers, or grab a pyjama style top and team with something either fitted, short or of legging-origin.

H. x

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