Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Oranges and Lemons

Make up trends this summer are set to hit the brighter side of fashion, with vibrant colours such as yellow, orange and green to be very key.
Now if you want to safer option of this trend, go for nail polish, i always prefer barry m as it is best for money value, finish and lasts the longest without chipping from my experience. 
Now these three colours have been tipped to be rather hot, however I've got a feeling that mint green will make a fresh appearance next year so get a heads start now!

When using yellow as make-up you need to be very aware of your skin and eye colour, yellow is great for green or brown eyes, but washes blue blinkers out a bit. best method is to just give it a go and see what you think.
Works great with olive skin tones, generally will make your skin look more vibrant, but instead of smothering it all over your eyelid just work around the outside half of your eye socket and outwards, blend it with browns, and finish with a nude lip and strong brows.
Now your probably thinking... orange, how does that work? well its not really an orange colour that you will see on the highstreet, its more just the colour they are using on the catwalks, but a coral lip works just as well, and if you're feeling fruity (see what i done there) then mix two shade of lipstick on top of each other to give a coral orange blend, rather than a coral pink, which is here there and everywhere right now! make sure not to cake on the make up too much around the eyes with bright lips. its one of the other, never both, in the same way you have legs out of chest, never both. unless your getting paid to do it of course!

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