Monday, 9 May 2011

Its a little late for a spring clean, but not for a summer redecoration!

Like so many of us, I missed the whole spring clean thing, apparently cleaning is not my forte! (my housemates will be screaming "No sh!t" at this) but i like to keep things fresh and up to date by redecorating! and my most recent decoration to my uni room as been inspired by a trip to none other than ikea! gotsa lota love for ikea! 
so i spend too much money on a bin, as i've lasted 5 months without one and my life was just not complete. 
But i'll get to the good stuff. 
Faux Flowers!
 Now i am a perfect target for faux flowers, i have little to no patience, and never get around to throwing out dead flowers- i like to say there is something rather poetic about keeping dead flowers from valentines day, but get real, its like the middle of may now and they still haven't moved from the old cava bottle i put them in- so i invested a whole 13p per flower (yes ikea!) and got creative when i returned home.

so basically i blue-tacked them to the back of my head board. the only hazard being that i have to lean against the wall rather than the head board otherwise i bend the flowers the wrong way... clearly a well thought through decision!
but i think they look pretty sweet, and those lucky few who have seen the inside of my pit- i mean bedroom- have complimented them so... go and set your mits on some faux flowers, no watering cans necessary 

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