Sunday, 15 May 2011


So there hasn't been a music update recently, so hold onto your tophats peeps coz this one is a dazzler!
Oh Land has been around for a little while, but she is shit hot and, trust me, you're gona want a sniff!
She trained as a ballet dancer but switched to music, because, well i don't know why but i'm assuming it has something to do with ballet not having many male groupies (highly likely)
She is playing XOYO on tuesday (the 17th may) and i am hoping to go myself so maybe she will be even better live!
Right now my favourite song of hers has to be Heavy Eyes:
The video of this is pain old MENTAL, so very glam and very *warning to those who have epilepsy* if you know what  i mean!!
The sound itself reminds me a lot of Roisin Murphy's solo stuff, and it pains me to say but i think she might even be better! sorry Roisin!


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