Monday, 25 June 2012

Tis the Season to be Festiv-al

The festival season has arrived, and what a bloody sigh of relief, finally something to get your ears ringing, feet tapping and your heads banging! This weekend kicked off the festival summer with Hackney Weekend and Isle of Wight Festival, along with Love Box and I could go on... Now the bands are lined up, the tickets are bought, mum has pulled out the wellies, you're spending your evening duck-tapping your tent back together after the carnage of last year. But wait, what are you going to take with you, with so little space in between the tins of cooked breakfast, bottles of fosters and sun lotion your mum has made you promise to take. How to pack proficiently? Here's an idea...

Start off basic, shorts, vest and denim shirt, adding a bit of fashion know how with accessories can make or break a basic outfit, and where better to try out new things than at a festival, where if u do go wrong, its not like you know half the people there! 
Casio watches are the best buy right now, great with wear and tear, water-proof and timeless for everyday use.
Festival footwear will always be a challenge, take two options, a hightop trainer is bang on this year, make it cream, beige or camel, or "cream" as most men know any shade of this to be. It will attract the dirt like Heat Magazine, but show off your "i dont care i'm at a festival" side! 
Sunglasses are always a must at a festival, even if the sun isn't shinning, you will need them for your hungover eyes from friday morning onwards. Go for a straight top, tortoise shell, something cheap and cheerful, chances are your mate might sit on them. 

And a top-tip for festival packing, ROLL your clothes up, this saves space and puts security off checking all of your bag, i got 2 full bottles of vodka in this way!!!
***disclaimer, i have never, nor will i ever, try to sneak glass bottles into a festival***

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