Monday, 25 June 2012

Suits You Sir!!!

So, blogger have changed everything around, I am a big fan of change though, it has given me the inspiration to create my first menswear blog. Quite frankly, its about time too! So my original blog, a la mode, has birthed this little gem, male a mode. (and i'm sure that doesn't translate properly, but quite frankly i dont mind)

Round one! ding ding!

A big trend for the next 12 months will be tailoring. I'm not suggesting you get yourself down to Saville Row any time soon, or even Moss Bros, by tailoring, i mean attention to detail, structure, bold colours and a new fit of suiting!
I'll get cracking with the fit, we have seen the traditional fit, and in comparison to the modern suit, its quite baggy, even outdated -dare i say!- oh and then we have the supper skinny, watch out testicles, its almost body paint skinny fit suit. I cannot say I am a fan of either, but being a woman I'm not sure where I can rank myself for opinion. This new fit, narrow, with breathing room, or about-bloody-time-they-made-a-suit-like-this-fit as i'm going to call it, quite catchy right? Will allow for the modern male to work, dine, party, be a dad, be a husband, and most importantly be a man in a dapper suit. 

I am picking a lot of inspiration from the new bond film that is due for release on the next few months. Skyfall (pretty awful name right?) is daring to take suiting to the next level, with an almost crease proof fabric (i daren't say that Bond would be able to leave a suit un-creased!) tones and hues of grey, midnight blue and black, 'cause where would we be without black!? 

But you don't wear a suit? oh no, well fortunately for you mister, the tailoring trend is seeming through to the mainstream. what? you say, thats right, even a jeans, tee-shirt and jacket man can work this trend! Jean fits stem from a want to create something wearable, durable, and practical, and this suit fit allows for it. Tailoring you look is easy, firmer neck lines on tee-shirts, a new breed of shirt-jacket, wear it either way, it has a firm structure without shoulder pads (horay!) and makes the less 'built' man look like Arnie! (no promise folks sorry)

Outerwear, I know how you men like your coats and jackets, this (and next more importantly) season see's a lengthening in the classic Mac and wrap coats, hitting the knee is something the Mac has always done, but this is going to be taken on by other coats and outerwear. Invest in length, but remember folks, its not the size but how you use it that matters, wear it with narrow jeans, polished brogues or loafers and a crisp white shirt. Don Draper eat your heart out.

Finally colour. This is my personal favourite part of trend prediction, it can be used on any garment and then you don't need to worry about the garment themselves, its so easy a man could do it! Charcoal greys, midnight blue, rustic red, shaded bottle green and teal are hot right now in predictions for next season, invest!!!!

[All images taken from and Skyfall website]

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