Wednesday, 23 November 2011

All That Sparkles Doesn't Have To Be Gold

This A/W trend is glitter! I can pretty much guarantee that by january it will be everywhere, and we will be pulling it out from under out finger nails until mid march, as we all know from arts and craft, glitter gets everywhere, quickly, its builds a home, has children then dies a slow and glittery death, and then leaves its remains in your carpet for ages... (needless to say my folks did not like me playing with glitter when i was young).

Last years camel overload has left fashion wanting a bit more excitement, and with brands such as miu miu featuring glitter accents in their shoes amongst other garments, who can blame us for wanting something that will make us feel good rather than neutrally bored out of our camel capes. (shoes miu miu £400 at net-a-porter)

So yet again there are levels of how far you can take this trend. I would highly advise against looking like a christmas tree minus a chromosome, find one piece that works and stick with that. Jumpers would be a pretty safe bet. New Look have a few that come in at a pinch! starting at £15 this gold shredded piece gives exactly what you need without being over the top, literally.
Up a price point would be this Zara shirt, which i would team with leather panel leggings or trousers. £40.
Next up is one of my favourites, Reiss again has out done itself, best for quality with price, and always on trends like charlie sheen on cr@ck
This dress comes in at £169, but would be suitable for so many occasions.
Team this with some detailed shoe boots and you're good to go, desk to dinner.
Boots also from Reiss at £195

Following this there is always the option (not for all of us!) of buying designer. however if you buy designer i would not expect you to be a) reading this or b) being clueless about trends, if you are then you obviously are not worthy of the closet you own! This tee comes in at £295 from miu miu
Or this dress my Michael Korrs £240
If you have a budget higher than this then i suggest you go and buy a solid gold dress. 

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